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Four-masted barque world famous "Kruzenshtern" belongs to the Baltic State Academy of the Fishing Fleet (Kaliningrad).

Vladimir Volkogon      

The main task of the higher education institution is a multi-stage training of marine personnel for the fishing industry in Russia. The composition of the Baltic State Academy enters high school, Kaliningrad Sea Fishing College, Institute for Advanced Studies of sailors, graduate and doctoral studies.

Since 2008, the Academy is headed by the rector Vladimir Alekseevich Volkogon, honored worker of Fisheries of the Russian Federation, candidate of economic sciences, docent.

Bark "Kruzenshtern" (until 1946 - "Paduya"), built in 1926 in Germany at the shipyard Teklenborga located in Bremenhafen, until 1945 belonged to the shipping company Ferdinand Layesha.

In 1946, on reparations, among other captured ships he sent to the Soviet Union. At various times, the home port barge were Riga, then - Tallinn. In 1991 he became the home port of Kaliningrad.

The last decades biography barque "Kruzenshtern" is full of many important historical events: two round the world voyage in 1995-1996 and 2005-2006, International Transatlantic Expedition in 2009-2010, participated in many international regattas.

The main task of teaching a sailing vessel "Kruzenshtern" is the first swim practice of passing students of the maritime training institutions of the Federal Fishery Agency. Every year, on board sailing first professional experience are more than 400 future maritime specialists.

Making the round the world trips, regular ocean sailing, sail training races, barque "Kruzenshtern" performs a high mission, representing Russia and Kaliningrad in the face of the world. In foreign ports the vessel "Kruzenshtern" - is not just the territory of the Russian Federation - a place of international meetings of heads of states, politicians, businessmen and representatives of the international maritime community.


Cadets on board the ship, gain invaluable diplomatic experience, broaden their horizons and improve the overall culture. Lessons for the voyage of a great sea bearing, discipline, friendliness allow sailors to represent the future of the Fatherland for the oceans and seas.

As part of additional educational activities, the ship has the ability to take on board the marine communities trainees to undergo short-term study of practice. Additional educational activities on board the barque "Kruzenshtern" has different forms of training:
- Study sessions on the device management features of the ship and in port, without going out to sea;
- Day demonstration training out at sea;
- Out to sea in some parts of the flight for longer workshops and learn the basics of marine blue-collar occupations.

Traditionally, the barque "Kruzenshtern" makes three training flights a year - spring, summer and fall. When planning a flight into account suggestions of the International Association of sail training vessels (STI), as well as invitations to ports for participation in various events.

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